Current Projects

Yellowstone field work, July 2015

  • Determination of exoplanet melting curves and crust compositions via piston-cylinder experiments (2015–present)
  • Diffusion chronometry using Fe-rich clinopyroxene from Yellowstone post-caldera rhyolites to determine rejuvenation-eruption timescales of high-silica systems (2014–present)
    • Developed a diffusion modeling method to use a slow-diffusing elemental profile as a proxy to the initial condition of a fast-diffusing elemental profile
    • Finite differences diffusion model programmed in Python


Past Research

  • Low-Al, high-Fe clinopyroxene-liquid geothermometer for high-silica systems (2017–present)
    • Cold-seal pressure vessel (CSPV) experiments to supplement calibration dataset
  • Analysis of Martian craters to determine the geological history of the Arabia Terra region (2011–2014)
  • X-ray diffraction study of Nicaraguan hydrothermal systems to characterize similar relic environments on Mars (2012–2013)